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Many Western men want Asian women for girlfriends or even wives, it is a fact. Yet, not all of them know that it is real to meet a woman online and date her. Some strangers even manage to marry and live happily ever after with chosen one found via online dating service. Asian-Singles.org tells it all about online dating with Asian ladies and how to get them on the Internet.

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How Can One Meet Real Asian Singles On Asian Dating Sites

Why are so many men looking for Asian singles? The answer is simple – Asian women have a lot of great qualities that make these pretty women perfect partners or even wives. But there is a more interesting question to ask. How can a man meet Asian ladies on the web? There are so many dating platforms, and not all of them are real. If you want to learn everything about Asian dating culture, and, of course, the places where a man can meet a spouse, keep reading - we made this ultimate guide for you.

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How to distinguish top Asian dating sites

Most men want to know how to find a good site with a lot of hot ladies. But are such sites even real? Absolutely. The trick is to notice things that really matter and analyze them. Let us cut to the chase – here are the crucially important points to take into account when looking for Asian dates and mail order brides.

  • Make sure that you can meet the right woman there. Not all good international sites are created for Asian dating, so make sure that there are Asian women on the platform before you join it.
  • Read user reviews. Collecting info about the companies is always a good idea. Just try to distinguish reviews written by people who want to tell/warn others about the quality of services from the feedback of people who want to share their love stories or heartbreaks. The online dating platform must provide top services. Making a woman fall in love with you is not the Asian dating agency’s responsibility.
  • Consider the effectiveness of search/sort/match systems. Good sites give personality tests to their members and match men and Asian women based on research into the compatibility of personality features. That makes a lot of sense when someone is looking for online match or even a future spouse, so if the site offers such a service, give it a few bonus points.
  • Diversify communication. Nearly all sites have a private messaging system that allows members to make contact, establish the connection and get to know one another a bit better. However, when people get more comfortable with each other, the site should provide them with the possibility to proceed to contact via email, phone, or face-to-face interaction.
  • Pay attention to safety. A good platform is supposed to be safe. There is no 100% safe place on the web, but the team of the site should do every effort to create a friendly and secure environment for communication. Check if members 1) can report scam; 2) can be sure that their privacy is protected; 3) are aware of the data protection systems used by the online dating platform; 4) can contact support and get professional assistance at any time.
  • Check the prices. The costs are supposed to be reasonable, but this is not the only thing a single guy should pay attention to. Make sure that there are no hidden costs, extra fees, etc.
  • Read expert reviews. You can ask us how you are supposed to do this without spending tons of time on this, and yes, we have no choice but to admit that it is a very time-consuming type of analysis. Moreover, beginners can miss some important things. That is why we also recommend you to read and consider expert reviews, too.

As you have probably guessed, most popular single girls in the world are Asian mail order brides. We are not going to deny that some of the main reasons why the demand for Asian singles is so high are:

  1. Beauty
  2. Great manners and personality traits
  3. Respect to a man

There are a lot of other things to tell about them, and we will definitely pay more attention to them later. However, at this point, different men usually ask the same question. If they are so gorgeous, why don't they marry locals?

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Why do Asian beauties choose this path?

So, why do these girls use Asian dating platforms? Take a look at some important facts:

  1. In Thailand, girls suffer from social pressure - they are supposed to follow plenty of rules related to marriage and family responsibilities. Asian dates and mail order brides become well-educated, and locals just do not meet their criteria because of the social and educational gap.
  2. On wonderful islands, in the Philippines, divorce is illegal, and adultery is common.
  3. In many Asian countries, in particular, in Vietnam, women outnumber men significantly.
  4. Even brides from Japan (which is one of the richest countries) marry foreigners, in particular, Koreans, Americans, and Britons.

It is no secret that a lot of people think that poverty is the only factor that makes women take this step. As you can see, it is not that simple. There are pretty many other factors, including social and familial ones. By the way, the example of Japan shows that sometimes this is just about tastes and attraction to westerners.

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Asian dating: how to meet these hotties?

So, as you have probably guessed, the most convenient way to start building a relationship with the most charming of the Asian ladies is to choose a good platform. It, however, is not the only thing a single man needs to do. Here is the short yet super-effective step-by-step guide to discovering the world of online dating.

  • Become a member. Usually, it takes up to 5 minutes to sign up. Fill in your profile, answer all the questions you will be asked and upload some of your best pictures.
  • Choose the membership plan or buy some credits if this is a premium Asian dating platform (the way the site charges money depends only on its billing policy.)
  • Use the search and/or match system to find women who might suit you.
  • Talk to Asian singles, get comfortable with some of them, choose the best woman.
  • Build a relationship with her and then build your own strategy depending on your own plans, wishes, and desires.

Asian dating has no boundaries – you can meet a bride in four out of five regions.

  1. Central: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan
  2. East: China, Taiwan, and Japan
  3. South: India
  4. South East: Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam

Why meet an Asian girl and date her?

But let us talk about Asian dating and Asian singles in more detail. What are ladies in this region like? Do they have qualities you are looking for in your perfect lady? Only you can give the right question, but there is one thing that we can do too. We can provide the relevant info on the personality traits and values Asian ladies have.

  • Beauty. We are not going to deny that it matters. Most singles are looking for an attractive partner, and men usually find them in Asia.
  • Desire for self-development. Even girls from the poorest countries have at least one thing in common - they have a strong desire to become stronger, smarter, deeper persons. This desire and the work they do for themselves make them perfect spouses. They do not concentrate too much on their husband - it may seem that it is okay, but it is not - when one of the spouses lives the life of another spouse, and nothing but it, this leads to divorce.
  • Conservatism (in the good sense.) Nevertheless, they are very conservative when it comes to family bonds. After all, it is Asia.
  • Intelligence. What can be better than dating a hot woman? Only dating a hot and intelligent woman. Well, these ladies definitely have it all.
  • Kindness and loyalty. Some people believe that these are two main “ingredients” in their charm. It is absolutely normal for them to stay with their partners “in sickness and in health.” They are also truly kind and caring women, and that makes them just irresistible.
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Pros & cons of Asian dating – will Asian dates and mail order brides make you happy?

We all want to know what will happen to us in the future, but in most cases, it is impossible. However, there are certain things that can be said about Asian dating and these exotic dames themselves. Let us talk about the benefits of choosing a girlfriend in this region, as well as the downsides of this decision.


  • Asian singles have a lot of great qualities and make good, loyal and loving companions to men from the western world.
  • They care not only about their men but also about their hearths – coziness, warmth, and love will become the three words you will use most frequently to describe your home.
  • You do not have to worry that your young and hot wife will grow old and gain a lot of pounds right after you get married.
  • Ladies in these countries are sure that respect and care are the glue that keeps people together.


There is the only downside of online Asian dating - and that is the inability to see your girlfriend often. If you choose this path, you will need to date on the distance. Yet, the owners of good platforms usually do their best to diversify communication for members. Some of them even work as travel agencies (when you realize that you want to meet this woman and make her your wife) and gift delivery services (when you are in love and want to see her smiling, at least on the screen.)

It depends on the site. Both dating sites and mail order brides services are not prohibited in well-developed countries. The best advice we can give you is to read all the info that a platform provides about itself and exclude suspicious companies from the list. It is also noteworthy that the majority of the existing sites are legal. Not all of them are international marriage brokers, so they do not have to follow IMBRA in an onbligatory manner (Act that regulates this business, at least for brokers), and they definitely do not sell anyone - all of these sites are created for dating, not for human trafficking. Still, though most companies do not violate any laws, we still recommend our readers to join only trusted agencies and platforms.

You should just pay attention to promises of sites and platforms: general dating sites do not promise you anything serious in relations with women there, while mail order bride service focus primarily on marriages and intentions to create family.

Final thoughts – can Asian dating be successful?

Asian dates and mail order brides remain extremely popular for decades. Why? It is simple - they have everything that men are looking for in women. However, there is another factor that we should not underestimate - today, every guy who has access to the web can meet a hottie despite the fact that she is living thousands of miles away. Should you use this chance? It is up to you. We just want to provide you with truthful info about these women, as well as the web communities where you can meet them.

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