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The Team Of And Our Goals

We are people who love online dating and want to make it as popular as it can! We are enthusiasts who believe that online dating should be more accessible to individuals who seek serious relationships. Each of us has tried online communication and we know how it works. Our goal is to save your time and money and help you avoid mistakes that we made. Choosing a dating site can be challenging, which is why we decided to analyze the most popular and well-known platforms and offer you a selection of great tips that will improve the quality of your online dating experiences!

How do we make money?

Our initiatives are not based on pure altruism. We make money from what we are doing. However, our site is absolutely free, and you don’t need to pay for access to our content. Since we review online dating sites, some platforms that want to be promoted, ask for our services and give us money for writing articles. Our site offers a lot of useful information to every single member, and since we are working with various online dating platforms, we manage to keep our site free and accessible. However, keep in mind that such cooperation can influence our decision of where to place a certain site on our global rating.

How the reviews are created? has a large team with designers, writers, editors, dating experts, and other individuals. It is essential for us to collect information from different sources to make a review impartial, unbiased, honest, and detailed. Usually, we conduct surveys, ask people about their opinions, compare competitors, analyze data from third-party sites, and do everything to get the clearest understanding of whether a certain site is worthy of your time.

Criteria of reviews

Writing a review is not easy and simple since it involves a lot of criteria. Each factor should be objectively assessed and evaluated. has a system of stars, in which 1 star is a poor quality of a certain feature or criterion, and 5 stars are excellency of implementation. Usually, a review contains 5-6 criteria that define the status of a dating platform.


First, we look at sheer numbers. We need to review a site that has a lot of members, since online dating is all about diversity and opportunities. Apart from the number of registered members, we also analyze the number of active users as well as the retention rates. We manage to collect all the necessary information by conducting surveys as well as using third-party sites such as Ahrefs, Seraking, and others.


While the number of members can give invaluable insight, it is also essential to know the overall reputation of a platform. We ask members and gather data by using other platforms such as TrustPilot,, Instagram, SiteJabber, and many others.


Analyzing functionality is the main portion of any review. We test every feature, even option, and every tool that is available on the site. It is our job to make sure that everything works as intended.

Good looks

Our team of designers pays attention to how the site is designed. A good user interface can work miracles and help newcomers feel encouraged and comfortable. Our members also evaluate profiles of users signed up on a dating site to ensure that profiles are detailed and good-looking.


Even the most well-designed sites have flaws, which is why any website should have a team of qualified and experienced support managers. We ask as many questions to ensure that a real newcomer, who knows nothing about dating sites, would receive the help they need.

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