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Hot And Smart Japanese Mail Order Brides

japanese mail order brides

Being single is exciting till the particular time, but eventually, everyone wants to settle down and start a family. It seems simple: you just have to find a girl and fall in love, ask her to marry you and here you are – a happy father, husband, and friend. But in reality, your journey might be fulfilled with more adventures and fun.

If you are one of those handsome men, who is looking for Japanese girl for marriage, you are totally in the right place now. Asian brides are diverse and special, so if you are reading this text, there is a high probability that you are willing to meet Asian girls online.

Finding a Japanese wife can be challenging. Thus, they tend to stay with the men of their nationalities. Plus, they don’t often travel abroad in search of a husband, but rather to study hard and work a lot. But how to get them Japanese girl dating you? And what you should be ready to encounter in local brides? If you are ready to after your dream and are looking for a Japanese girl for marriage, here is what you should know.

What makes single Japanese mail order brides so special?

japanese brides online

The country of the rising sun has brought us lots of technological advantages, delicious food and good examples of productivity. But, perhaps, the major thing Japan can be proud of is its ladies. Single Japanese mail order brides are attractive, gentle and intelligent. Here is why they are so wanted by foreign men.

Oriental women are beautiful

Perhaps, the word “beautiful” is not strong enough to describe the natural appearances of the local ladies. These girls are petite and slim, with straight dark hair and brown eyes. They take good care of themselves, and it can be the reason why they look years younger than their actual age.

What will definitely catch your eye when you have Japanese girlfriend dating you is how fashionable they are. They dress up according to the latest trends, do their hair and nails, wear makeup. Often Asian girls look so tender and sweet that men feel the urge and will to protect them. That is, likely, why these singles are so attractive.

They are intelligent

Education plays a crucial role in society. For locals being educated is a must, so women study hard at school to enter universities. The process of studying is often exhausting, and it teaches them to work under stress, be resilient, patient, and calm.

Women become well-educated and ambitious. The majority of them pursue a career and become real workaholics. It is deeply in local culture to work hard for the common good. Therefore it is likely that you will find a girl, who will be much more ambitious than you are, but don’t be scared of this. Conversely, women from Japan are the ones who will inspire and encourage you.

Japanese mail order brides are polite

For Japanese women, it is important to have good manners. These people never raise their voice, speak with respect, value each other's rights. Unlike many other singles, most Japanese brides won’t make a scene on public or discuss your personal issues with other people. They are quite introverted and self-sufficient.

The politeness of Japanese mail order brides impresses. It is probably the only country that takes manners to such level. So, in turn, you have to be ready to be respectful as well. The best way not to mess everything up is to read about the country and its traditions beforehand. Of course, people might excuse you due to your ignorance, but they are still likely to make up their mind on you, which will be hard to change.

What do single Japanese women look for in foreign men?

japanese women for marriage

You might be wondering, why single Japanese brides seek Western guys as foreign husbands? There are numerous reasons. Firstly, international and interracial marriages become something of a trend nowadays. And even though 99% of the population is of Japanese ethnicity, the society changes and becomes more open.

Secondly, local women are not always satisfied with the modern local men. As global standards shift, they touch Japan as well, and nowadays Japanese mail order brides are seeking other traits in men. So what are they looking for?

Japan girls seek equal partners

Beautiful oriental women from Asian countries want security, coziness, and protection. They can take care of themselves financially, so all they want is love and respect from an equal partner. It is also important for Japanese brides that their husbands are also hard-working and well-educated.

Some decades ago, parents in Japan used to choose partners for their daughters, but fortunately, these times are gone. Today, Japanese brides enjoy much more freedom, but yet are eager to get married before they reach the middle age. It is okay to stay single when you are young, but sooner or later you have to think about starting a family and having kids. So in the late twenties, most Asian girls start searching for the partner of their dreams.

Japanese wives want serious partners

Generally speaking, Asian culture is not much about fun. People enjoy spending a lovely time with friends or family, go to bars or karaoke, but if you are looking for a Japanese girl for marriage, you should be serious, reliable and a man with status. Japanese bride should feel confident near you and be ready to have children with you. Basically, they have to feel that they can rely on you.

Beautiful Japanese women are rather practical. They are interested in men, who can keep up with them or even upgrade their living standards. For Japanese brides, time flies, and they don’t want to waste it on someone, who cannot provide ladies with what they need.

Japan girls want stability

Single Japanese girls tend to be calm and shy. They don’t get emotional and are not used to show their feelings on the public. For them, it’s normal to be or seem reserved but follow the polite manners instead. That is why single Japanese women expect their men to be the same as well. They want them to have plans on life, to know exactly what they are going to do in life next. So basically, plan your future ahead to avoid unpredictable events as much as possible.

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Why local women become good wives

A Japanese single girl usually has all the necessary traits to be a good wife. She is polite, calm, and sophisticated. Their knowledge makes them amazing companions for conversation, their looks make them desirable, and their outlook provides them with a specific attitude to life. That’s what an Asian woman can brag about.

Japanese brides are family-oriented

For pretty Japanese girls family is the top priority in life. They value their parents’ opinions and views and obey their wills. Even though the current youth gets more freedom than their parents used to have, the tight connection with family is still widespread.

So for local women marriage and children are important. They won’t hesitate to fulfill their lives with such happiness as far as they are financially able to do it. You will be surprised, how caring and attentive your wife will be. Children are the biggest blessing, and so they get lots of care and attention.

They are self-sufficient

Unlike many other women, Japanese mail order brides don’t look for a man to improve their status. Conversely, they want to match with a person, who has the same status as they are, to improve the living standard together.

Such trait of Japanese singles means that you can fully rely on them as they are not going to use you. Moreover, if the hard times come, these women will stay along with you, and you will overcome difficulties together. So you are not only getting a wife, you will get a decent supportive partner and best friend if you marry a Japanese woman.

Japanese women are faithful

Being loyal and faithful is a must for pretty Japanese girls. For a long time, males played the main roles in families. Today, the tradition is slowly disappearing, and couples prefer equality in marriage. However, a lot of Japanese women are still used to the fact that men make the decisions and rule the family, and so they listen to them and adore them. Therefore, they stay loyal and faithful no matter what.

Pros and cons of Japanese brides

When considering getting a Japanese mail order wife, it's important to do your research and make an informed decision. To achieve this, you should learn not only about the positive traits of an average Japanese bride, but also the potential drawbacks of a Japanese lady. Here is the definitive list of pros and cons of Japanese mail order wives.


  • Unparalleled loyalty. You can rest assured your future Japanese wife will only have time for you and that her attitude towards you won't just fizzle out with time.
  • Eternal beauty. Like most Asian women, a Japanese mail order girlfriend has a magic ability to only look better with age and barely show any signs of aging as years go by.
  • Open communication. Even though Japanese culture can be quite reserved, when you meet Japanese women, you will realize that they like to resolve things immediately.
  • Innate sexiness. The thing about sexy Japanese women is that they don't need to wear skimpy clothes to be absolutely irresistible: being seductive is simply in their blood.


  • Conservative views. Japanese society is pretty old-fashioned and conservative, so you and a typical Japanese woman may not always see eye to eye about everything.
  • Strict planning. You should know that your future Japanese bride already has her whole life planned, so when you find a Japanese wife online, you'll have to follow her lead in some things.

Where to find Japanese girl dating?

Japan is a beautiful, yet expensive country to visit. If you have enough money to travel there, you should start looking for Japanese girl for marriage on the spot by visiting galleries, cafes and bars. Dive into the Eastern culture and try to talk to girls you like. Of course, you might get a negative response, because local ladies tend to be shy and modest.

Another option to find a Japanese mail order bride is by using Japanese wife finder. Fortunately, for today, there are lots of various venues that connect singles from all over the world. The major benefits of such platforms are that there you can be sure that women are ready for relationships. If they are registered on the best dating sites, then they are likely to go out with a foreigner when you ask them out.

The Web is full of various Japanese dating sites. Here are the top three you should pay your attention to:

  • SakuraDate – finding Japanese women has become much easier with SakuraDate. It is a popular international Japanese wife finder provides users with the best options ever. Here you will find thousands of online members, who are ready for relationships with Westerners.
  • EasternHoneys – new and fast Japanese dating site for foreigners that will quickly match you with the right partner. Complete the profile and dive into the fascinating world of online communication with Japanese singles.
  • NaomiDate – this is one of the biggest Japanese wife finder for foreigners, where you definitely have high chances to meet Japanese girls. The NaomiDate dating site is the best venue for singles, looking for a Japanese bride online, so you should definitely check it out.
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How to date single girls from the country of rising sun?

As you already know, a local single girl is a gentle and polite person, who is looking for serious relationships and family. Due to some cultural peculiarities, there are particular rules you should follow to conquer the heart of your love. Here are the basic tips you might find useful.

Be honest and genuine

Finding a Japanese wife is a tricky thing to do, so it’s unlikely that you want to mess up. If you want Japanese girlfriend dating you, remember the first rule – be honest and never lie. Women can easily spot a lie, and it will be impossible to restore trust.

Also, Japanese girl dating includes telling information about yourself. Be precise and detailed, but most importantly highlight your strengths. Yes, it might seem that you are preparing for a job interview, but remember that these women are more practical when it comes to relationships.

Be polite and respectful

Japanese single girl is likely not even pay attention to you if you are not well-mannered. To be respectful and calm is a vital issue in society. Single women also don’t appreciate any negativity. So don’t ask the girl out to complain about your life or difficulties that you encountered, because that is what will drive her away for good.

What you can do, in turn, is ask about her life, hobbies, and interests, culture and family. These ladies will be glad to tell you more about their traditions and customs so that you got familiar with the country. Also, you can share some similar facts about your home.

Impress her parents

At last, remember that if she is ready to introduce you to her parents, things are getting serious. Be respectful of them and show how you value your relationships. It is important to find the common language with the parents because often they get to decide whether the girl is allowed to marry you. So if you are looking for a Japanese girl for marriage and are confident in your decision, show it through the manners to the parents.

Stereotypes about Japanese brides: Is there any truth to them?

Japanese brides are popular not just on niche dating sites but are widely known as some of the world's most beautiful, charming, and desirable women. Naturally, this level of popularity among foreign guys led to a few persistent stereotypes surrounding a Japanese mail order bride:

  • Japanese women tend to be submissive. Compared to Western culture, where women are very outspoken and active, Japanese women can definitely appear to be more docile and quiet. But don't mistake their understated nature for submissiveness: a Japanese bride can fend for herself when necessary.
  • Most Japanese women will not return to work after marriage. A common stereotype about Japanese women is that they dream about getting married from a young age and never working a day in their lives after tying the knot. However, modern Japanese women are often proud of their careers and will always go back to work after starting a family, given that their husband is okay with it.
  • Japanese women marry Western men only for financial gain. When you meet Japanese brides, you can quickly tell that these women prefer the finer things in life: nice clothes, perfume, cars, vacations, and so on. However, they are more than capable of making their own money and will never marry someone purely for financial reasons.

How much does it cost to find a Japanese mail order bride?

Unless you are planning to move to Japan or nearby Asian countries, or visit Japan for an indefinite period of time, the only way for you to find a Japanese bride is to use international dating sites. Here is how much it costs to meet Japanese women online:

  • Online dating. You will use an online dating platform to meet a Japanese girl online, and your choice of a platform will determine your expenses on online dating. Most mail order bride services use either a Premium membership or a credit model to provide advanced features, although some use a combination of both. Depend on how much you use online dating websites, you can end up spending between $50 and $300 per month on dating online.
  • Offline dating. If your goal is a serious relationship and a wedding ceremony in the future, then your romance will eventually need to move on from online dating sites to real life. Meeting your Asian beauty in Japan for two weeks can cost you around $4,000, which includes the expenses of buying plane tickets, renting a hotel room and a car, buying food for yourself and your partner, and paying for entertainment on dates.

The overall expenses of using online dating services to meet single Japanese women interested in marrying men from Western countries and then developing the relationship in real life all the way until marriage can range from $5,000 to $8,000 and beyond. This also does not include the cost of a bridal visa and the wedding ceremony itself.


Finding a Japanese wife is a dream for a lot of men all around the world, because it is exactly these women who combine strength and weakness, hotness and cuteness. One moment you want to protect them and the other you see that they are handling the situation even better than you are.

Local females are well-educated and hard-working. Thus, they spend the first quarter of their lives on education and career, and it is no earlier than in the mid-twenties that they start thinking about starting a family. Which is great, because Westerners also tend to get married much later these days.

Even though that to find the right partner in Japan is hard, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. The country is full of stunning ladies, who are willing to go out with a foreigner, and you just have to find the best Japanese dating sites. Dozens of Japanese wife finder for foreigners allow you to reach your dream.

Also, you have to meet the local girls’ requirements, and that means to be polite, serious and ambitious as well. At last, just be yourself, be open to love and adventures that it brings and just dives into the world of online dating. Your love can be waiting for you just around the corner. Are you ready to catch it?

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