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The Chinese Mail Order Brides Dating Guide: How To Know If She Likes You

Interested in courting Chinese mail order brides? If yes, then there are a few things you need to know before diving into it. There are lots of misconceptions and rumors out there concerning Asian women. These rumors also concern Chinese girls in general, and in this post, we’ll be debunking some of these Chinese brides rumors, as well as giving you some tips on dating Chinese women

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Ways to inform Chinese mail order brides that you’re attracted to their charm

Before we get into how to detect if Chinese women like you, let’s talk about ways of letting her know that you like her. After all, a relationship is a two-way street, and you can’t expect your Chinese woman to be attracted to you if she doesn’t even know you exist. Here are some strategies that you can employ to get her attention and make your intentions known.

Call her often

Attention is one of the hallmarks of desire. You’re more likely to pay attention to someone who pays attention to you – it’s just that simple. Even before you and the Chinese girls get serious, paying attention is a sure way to make her notice you. Emails and live chats are great tools for these.

You can move on to video calls as your relationship progresses. Generally, the deeper the relationship, the more intimate the means of conversing. The key here is to show the Chinese brides attention, not to overwhelm them. If you notice that the Chinese mail order brides don’t respond to your attention, it may be time to give her a little space.

Send gifts of love to your mail order brides

Since ancient Rome, gifts have always been the ultimate symbol of love and desire. The nature of the relationship determines the nature of the gifts – sentimental gifts for strong friendships and romantic gifts for loving relationships with Chinese women.

While dating physically, you send your lovers all kinds of gifts, and the same should hold in online dating. Even though there are limitations to sending some kinds of gifts, many services allow you to send flowers, chocolates, and even stuffed animals. It's important to remember that your gifts are a token of your love for her. Don't be cheap.

Tell her your plans

One of the most reliable ways to let mail order brides know you like her is to tell her about it! During one of your many calls/chats, reveal your intentions to your Chinese woman. Let her know that you’re looking for a mail order bride to shower love and attention, and you believe that she might be the one. It’s also a good idea to point out how you plan to make your relationship work. “I love you” only goes so far.

Would you like her to move to your home country? Or are you too moving to a new place entirely? When she knows things like this, she’ll be more receptive to your advances. She might even want you to speed up the whole process so you can be together as quickly as possible.

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What can you expect when dating Chinese women?

Even though these vary depending on the Chinese woman you’re dating, here are five things to expect from your mail order relationship.

These women hold old-fashioned customs dear

Traditions in the country prescribe rules that Chinese women and men must follow. Chinese singles know this, and they adhere strictly to them. If you want a successful relationship, you should know these traditions and figure how you fit into them. Holding the door open for your Chinese woman and giving her your coat when it’s cold are things Chinese mail order brides expect from western men.

These women hold honesty in high esteem

You’ll hardly find any of the Chinese girls who cheat on their significant other. They are loyal, almost to a fault. Hence the reason why these Chinese ladies only seek men who are honest and have integrity. It's only fair for them to marry western men who are just as loyal and faithful.

Chinese girls prefer committed relationships

If you’re only looking for a short-term affair, this is the time to forget about it! These beautiful mail order brides prefer to stick with a man who has long-term goals and intentions. They are not keen to waste their time on fleeting flings.

Chinese girls don’t talk too much

If you didn't know this before dating a Chinese woman, you could swear she doesn't like you. But she does (we'll discuss how to know if Chinese brides like you in a bit). You have to be able to read in-between the lines. A Chinese woman will prefer to listen to you while you open up about yourself. They enjoy listening to why you like them even more.

These women prefer to look after the household

Chinese women prefer to be in charge of the house, including the maintenance tasks. This is closely related to their traditional values that we discussed earlier. Being mail order doesn’t exempt them from this tradition. On the contrary, mail order brides value it even more.


How to impress Chinese women

By now, you know ways of making Chinese ladies notice you as well as ways of dating them. The next logical step is to move forward to wooing the mail order brides. This step is very crucial because mail order brides get so much attention every day, and you need to stand out from the crowd if you wish to have the Chinese women accompany you home.

Make a conscious effort to impress the mail order brides

This may sound like an obvious tip, but you’d be surprised at how helpful mental focus can be. Chinese girls expect you to care about them and make a conscious effort. Understanding this can help zero your mind, and you'll start coming up with creative ways to impress her. It may be being extra sweet or getting along with her relatives. The bottom line is that Chinese singles expect you to impress them, and you must be willing to rise to the occasion.

Give her culture the respect it deserves

Chinese women hold their culture in high esteem, and they expect that their men take them seriously too. Western men who are insensitive towards the traditional inclinations of Chinese girls have no excuse. You should show interest in her traditions and customs, and observe the reasons why Chinese mail order brides are the way they are. It’ll help your relationship move forward.

Dress to kill

Just to be clear, you’re not looking to hurt Chinese girls in any way. However, if you want her to be head over heels in love with you, you need to look smart. Chinese girls are big on fashion and showing that you're in vogue will make you much more attractive. Chinese brides look forward to dressing up on their wedding days and after their marriages. How can you fulfill her mail order fantasies if you can’t even pick the right outfit for a date?

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How to tell if Chinese mail order brides are attracted to your person

The differences in tradition make it difficult to tell whether or not Chinese women like you. But, you should know about these Chinese girls – they are similar to several ladies on earth and they have signs.

Here are three ways to know if Chinese women are attracted to your person:

  1. The ladies are excited to talk to you. Chinese singles are often busy, so the mail order brides cannot respond to everyone who contacts them. If Chinese brides are eager to pick calls from you on the first ring, that’s a sure sign that she likes you. Not many Chinese brides can take the time out to talk to men they don’t find attractive or appealing.
  2. Chinese mail order brides share photos. Chinese brides are conservative, so if she has no reservations about sending you private pictures, it’s a sign that she likes you. She may send pictures of herself, of sceneries or some other non-interesting things. It just shows that she likes to confide in you.
  3. The Chinese brides share their personal lives with you. Most people have a side of themselves that they never share with other people, no matter how close they are. If Chinese brides start sharing details of past relationships and breakups with you, you’re a very lucky guy!

Chinese dating sites: Which ones should you choose?

Now that you have a firm handle on the rules and guidelines of dating Chinese ladies, it’s important to have knowledge of locations to meet them. The meeting place can determine if you’ll get the opportunity to marry Chinese brides, and so, you need to get it right. Here are some helpful tips in this regard:

  • Check the membership: if a dating website is reputable, you’re definitely going to have lots of Chinese brides on it. The opposite is also true, and so, if you can’t find a good number of members, that’s a sign to stay away.
  • Look at the site’s security: any dating site for Chinese brides worth its salt will have some kind of SSL encryption to protect its users’ information.
  • How functional is the website: simple features like customer support and communication channels should be a part of any official dating site. If the site you’re considering doesn’t have these, you should stay away.

The bottom line

You’re now aware of a great deal about Chinese brides. You know what their personalities are and the different ways to woo them. You also know how to connect with them on legitimate and reliable platforms. Don’t waste any more time contemplating the decision. Sign up to a dating site and find yourself a Chinese mail order bride.

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